Are you ready to

become the best version of yourself?

Transformation starts with the willingness to see past the conditioned self and connect with your authentic self  through love.

Intuitive Readings

Are you curious to see what your next steps in life may look like?

Do you struggle with a decision?

Do you have an issue or a problem you struggle to get a clear answer to?

Are you in need of figuring out your life’s purpose?

Intuitive Coaching

Are you ready to commit to personal growth and development?

Do you wish to move your life forward and become your authentic self?

Are you ready to deep dive into your past and heal the stories that are keeping you from the life you always imagined?

Do you need someone to nudge you into the right direction and help you feel accountable to yourself and your growth?

Bio-Energy Healing

Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain?

Do you have problems sleeping?

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety?

Are you under a lot of stress?

Do you feel constantly tired?

Would you like to have more energy and vitality?

If so then allow me to be the person that…

  • helps you get the clarity you seek
  • tells you things as they are (honesty is of utmost importance to me)
  • pushes you to the new levels of awareness
  • Challenges you to do the work required to grow and transform
  • Holds you accountable to yourself and your healing journey


Certified Intuitive Coach and Bio-Energy Practitioner

Hi I am Martina, an Intuitive Healing Coach and Bio-Energy Practitioner. My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself.

I will work with you, hold space for you and guide you to finding your authentic self.

On your healing journey we may uncover deep and perhaps long forgotten wounds and traumas, transmute your old and hindering beliefs, free your inner child of unwanted hurt, learn to self-love and create a life full of passion, joy and fulfillment.

I will be there to support you every step of the way, but also to challenge you and lead you gently out of your comfort zone, for only there the real healing happens.

I will create a safe and comfortable space where you feel supported and unconditionally loved.

Martina Kitt 435-414-5387
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General Inquiries

To book an appointment or more information:
Martina (435) 414-5387

The practitioners at Kreate Wellness are not medical doctors or licensed health care practitioners and do not claim to be. The information provided is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. Offered are Bio-Energy Healing Sessions, Coaching and alternative health care modalities and must be handled as such. A client’s use of the advice or information provided by a practitioner of Kreate Wellness, their interpretations of what they hear in a session, receive in written form, or any effects on them or others which they attribute to such sessions or information is their responsibility alone. Kreate Wellness does not accept any liablility or responsibility for any consequences of a client’s use of its services either beneficial or otherwise, including effects on health.