intuitive coaching

what is intuition?

Intuition is the kind of communication that gives us the ability to know something without previous knowledge. It is said to be a bridge that connects the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. It is that inner knowing, that gut feeling, those tingles one may get when experiencing something that just feels right.

what does an intuitive reading look like?

During the reading, the practitioner gets the client and him/herself into a relaxed state of mind and through tuning into the client’s higher self and divine support team (guides, ancestors, passed loved one, spirit, angels) will receive guidance for the client. This guidance is always received with the intention of love and support and growth. The client will only receive whatever he or she is ready to hear and always for the client’s highest good.

what does an intuitive coaching session look like?

Much like in the intuitive reading, the client will receive guidance communicated through the practitioner from his/her higher self. In the coaching session, the client and coach discuss the potential meaning of what was communicated, how to integrate the knowledge or guidance into their lives, the client receives tools or techniques to use to further expand on their journey. Coaching is for people who are ready to take their healing into the next level, to transform their lives, to reach their full potential and become their full authentic self.

Free 20 min. Discovery Call

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your investment

Intuitive Reading & Bio-Energy

  • Intuitive Reading Session (1) $100
  • Bio-Energy single session plus Intuitive Coaching package (1) 75 min $165
  • Bio-Energy full treatment plus Intuitive Coaching (5) 75 min. sessions $800

Monthly Intuitive Coaching $650

  • Includes 4 in person or ZOOM sessions (approx. 75 mins)
  • Email follow up with what came through, what was discussed as well as processes and homework to do
  • Check in text (if agreed upon during intake)

3 Month Intuitive Coaching $3200

This package is for someone who is dedicated to transforming their lives and willing to do the work. You will receive:

  • 2 sessions/week (24 coaching hours)
  • Email follow-up/check-in after each session
  • Learn and embody concepts like energy, forgiveness, self-love, shadow work, abundance, and intuition.
  • Access to me via text when issues arise during the time we don’t see each other

What people are saying...

I absolutely loved my session with Martina. Her space was so calming and relaxing, and very professional. Martina put me right at ease and made sure I was comfortable. Her voice is so soothing. The visual of the waterfall washing over my system really got things moving within me. I was unsure of what direction I wanted to go, but Martina was spot on with everything. I felt nothing but love from her and it never felt like she was talking from herself, but always from my higher self. I felt true compassion as she held space for me and my experiences. I am excited to work with Martina again.

:: L. Short

My session with Martina was a wonderful experience. She helped me feel safe to open up and ask the questions I was looking for guidance for. She was completely inspired, connected and in tune with the messages coming from my spirit guides, one of which was my father. I came away from the experience with clarity and inspiration on how to continue to move forward on my spiritual journey and life path. I’m so grateful I was able to receive this coaching session!

:: T. Miller

It was such a beautiful session! Martina is very intuitive and gifted. It was such a pleasure to experience her work firsthand! I could feel her genuine desire to help me, and the feedback during our session together was invaluable! I would love to work with Martina again!

:: R. Hone



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